Oystermouse Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The oystermouse is an ergonomic mouse that lets users set their own angle for a more comfortable position. It comes in both regular and large sizes and can be used on a desktop or laptop, wired or wirelessly. It works for left or right-handed people and has five different inclination angles that can be adjusted to the individual user’s preference. The vertical grip of the oystermouse helps prevent RSI symptoms and alleviates physical discomfort by helping the hand and wrist to adopt an ergonomic, neutral position.

The buttons on the left and right of the mouse are easy to reach with thumbs and map to commonly-used functions such as copy and paste. The center scroll wheel is also a nice size and feels well-made. Bill only had one concern with the design that he noticed while using his sample – the mouse is a bit heavy, which can cause an uncomfortable amount of pressure on one small spot of the wrist when it’s raised to the top position. This can be alleviated by placing a gel wrist rest under the mouse, but it is something that needs to be considered by all potential buyers.

Overall, Bill was happy with his experience with the oystermouse and rated it highly. He did note that the one button on the left side of the mouse – the pinky switch – is difficult to operate. He was hesitant to use it consistently because the sensitivity of the switch may eventually lead to new RSI issues. However, the instructions state that all six buttons are programmable, so it is possible that he could find another function for the pinky switch, and perhaps it would become easier to use with consistent usage.

David Sunnyside
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