Panopticon - And Again Into the Light Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

panopticon and again into the light review

The last few years have brought a lot of new faces to Minnesota’s metal scene. Whether it’s folk black metal act Feral Light or avant-black project I, Voidhanger, the locals are taking notice of these acts. One more to add to the list is Panopticon, whose fourth full-length —...And Again Into the Light — lands this weekend and further deepens the band’s body of work.

Much of the album has already been discussed, both in the press and online, focusing on Lunn’s family’s recent struggle with mental illness and the way music has served as a source of healing for him and his family. It’s a compelling, raw, and moving story that deserves all of the attention it can get, but it isn’t the only thing to enjoy about the record.

As a whole,...And Again Into the Light is the most mature Panopticon record to date. Though many of the tangents on previous albums separated the band’s scalding black metal offerings from their bluegrass-inspired Americana, here each element is anchored in the same mire. The result is a record that’s more cohesive than ever, with each riff and banjo stroke serving to convey the same message of hardship and hope.

There’s a palpable sense of spiritual transcendence that permeates this record, allowing the listener to feel their own growth in the same way that Lunn himself has grown on his path. Ultimately, the message on this record is not just about healing yourself, but about inspiring others to do so.

David Sunnyside
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