Passengers 3D Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

passengers 3d review

Despite the negative reviews and skepticism it got from critics, Passengers 3D manages to be a surprisingly enjoyable movie. It’s a film that asks a lot of questions, often failing to make hard choices and is full of inevitability; but it ends up being an incredibly entertaining watch, weirdly asking you to simultaneously use and not use your brain, while making you think about loneliness and morality.

The 4K presentation of the film looks absolutely incredible, featuring an ARRI Alexa 65 camera in ARRIRAW 6.5K and mastered to a true 4K Digital Intermediate that’s reference quality. The image’s detail is superb, colors are luminous and contrasts are beautiful.

Depth and Brightness

One of the most interesting aspects of Passengers is the way it uses depth effects, revealing how space feels at different distances. The movie shows a wide variety of space, from a black hole to a planet with a moon, allowing us to really appreciate the way space looks from an angle we’ve never been able to see before.

Colors and Flesh Tones

The colors in this 4K transfer are incredibly rich, vibrant and luminous. They’re a joy to watch, bringing with them gorgeous flesh tones that don’t ever look artificial or out of place.

Noise and Artifacts

There are a few jaggies and other artifacts throughout the 4K presentation, but they’re more than made up for by the sheer beauty of the colors, details and contrasts. As a whole, this is an impressive, immersive presentation that you’ll want to view on your home theater display at least once.

David Sunnyside
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