PAX Era Review - How Long Do PAX Era Pods Last?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

The PAX Era is a pod vaporizer that allows users to pop pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges into it. The device’s compact size — just 3.3" in height, 0.72" in width and 0.40" in depth — gives it the look of something Steve Jobs would have designed for Apple in college, but this sleekly-designed little number is packed with some serious Woz-y functionality. Upon inserting a cartridge, the Era uses a small chip reader to communicate with the manufacturer and pull up the recommended temperature for that particular strain.

Once the preferred temperature is set, the Era will remember it and never have to be manually adjusted again. It’s a pretty sweet feature and saves you from having to worry about swapping in different cartridges for each of your favorite strains.

Whether you’re looking for the high of a sativa or a relaxing body high, the PAX Era is ready for you with its hefty hits and double coil design. Inhale slow and draw deep to generate huge clouds of dense vapor that will have you feeling stoned to the core.

Each pod contains a gram of cannabis oil and will last up to 150 puffs if you vape moderately and at a medium temperature setting. The PAX app also lets you see how many hits are left in a pod and gives you the option to replace it with a new one when it’s empty.

David Sunnyside
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