Peavey Rage 158 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

peavey rage 158 review

Peavey is one of the best-known brands for musical instruments and amplifiers worldwide. They have a large range of models that cater for many different styles and budgets.

The peavey rage 158 is an inexpensive and reliable practice amp that delivers powerful sound output. It is also portable and lightweight. This type of amp is perfect for beginners who want to play with a group or even a church choir.

A lot of people still associate peavey with metal music and although it’s unfair to pigeonhole them in this way they do have amps that excel at that genre. However they do make some really good amps for other styles too – especially blues and country.

This particular model features 2 switchable channels with radically different voicings. The modern position provides a warm and standard amp tone while the vintage position gives you a little more of a classic sound. It also features a 3-band EQ, pre and post gain knobs, tape/CD input and a headphone jack.

The peavey rage 158 is designed with a transtube power amp circuit that provides a clean sound without any distortion or overdrive. Its small body is compact and durable. Its lightweight feature is beneficial for musicians who need to move from place to place. It is ideal for beginners who need a simple, reliable and easy-to-use amp.

The peavey rage 158 has a power output of 25 watts and comes with a reverb, delay/echo, tremolo and phaser effects. Its clean sound is pristine and natural and can be used with a small band or even a church choir. It’s also a great choice for beginners who need an affordable and reliable amp that will help them learn to play the guitar.

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