Peloton Rowing Machine

October 5, 2023
Justin Lumiere

peloton rowing machine

Peloton's rower equipment appears to be top-of-the-line fitness gear. Based on a teaser trailer design, it features a belt drive system connected to both its handlebars and foot straps for efficient performance.

It comes equipped with a large display for classes and stat tracking, while its seat appears comfortable and ergonomic for proper posture support.


Peloton has entered the smart ergometer market with their rowing machine. Peloton, a fitness tech giant that already offers treadmills and bikes on the market, saw rowing as a natural extension of their business. Peloton features a large attached touchscreen for classes as well as offering various workout programs similar to what was available before on bikes and treadmills.

The Peloton rowing machine is comfortable and quiet compared to other rowers we've tested, producing only subtle "buzzing," "knocking," or ticking sounds from its nylon strap that moves with each stroke; these sounds don't compare to some home equipment in terms of sound levels. When working out on it, there's an interactive figure that moves with you which shows which parts of your body may be misaligning incorrectly; this keeps users motivated and on track!

As you row, your progress will be displayed on screen - including calories burned during class, distance covered, and stroke rate average. Calorie burn is an indicator of total calories expended while distance and stroke rate represent your average for that class.

Peloton's new rowing machine is an outstanding addition to the market and will attract users who prefer studio or live classes from home. But be wary: Peloton hardware comes at a premium end of the market price spectrum.


Peloton Row will feature a large touchscreen for classes and stat tracking, similar to other smart connected fitness brands (Hydrow and Ergatta), so users will be able to create unique training content specifically tailored for the Row.

At its heart lies a remarkable feature: real-time feedback on your form. Sensors in the seat and handle allow users to go through an easy calibration process during setup that provides the machine with an understanding of their rowing technique; once class or "Just Row" sessions begin, these machines provide visual assessments of how your stroke compares against your goals for that session.

Additionally, the machine will track your performance over time and give you feedback about how well you did in each session - this insight can help improve both classroom instruction and individual practice alike.

Peloton has justified its expensive rower by saying it designed it to offer a "premium experience," and this statement rings true since the Row does exactly as promised.


Rowers can add variety and depth to an at-home workout. Many Peloton users already own either a bike or treadmill in their homes; adding rowers provides them with another avenue to achieve both cardio fitness and muscular endurance development.

Rowing machines can be an excellent way of engaging customers and keeping them interested in your brand. Smart connected fitness has gained much momentum recently and companies such as Hydrow and Ergatta are creating entertaining content around their machines that keep users interested.

Peloton rowing machines now feature massive screens capable of displaying entertainment, so that users can watch television shows or movies while working out. Furthermore, there is now a fitness tab which displays your metrics live - this makes keeping focused on your workout much simpler! By showing stroke rate, pace, and speed metrics directly within the middle of your screen you can stay aware of where your stroke rate, pace, and speed stand in real-time and maintain focus throughout your session.

Peloton rowing machines provide you with an additional way to track your progress more precisely by enabling you to set a personal Pace Target that will be displayed during classes. Instructors will cue Easy, Moderate and Challenging levels along with Max Pace; your range can also be tailored specifically for your ability. Finally, when it comes time for drag adjustment you can select your preferred setting - automatically calibrated for optimal performance by the machine itself!


Peloton's latest offering may appear like just another entry in an oversaturated fitness device market; but this time it is unique in being a rower, making business sense from both a competitive and business perspective. People who already own stationary bikes or treadmills from Peloton often look for cross-training methods - rowing is often one of the more effective approaches - thus expanding Peloton customer bases while driving subscription memberships and revenues forward.

This week, Peloton Row is being released with an initial starting price of $3,195 that includes delivery and setup plus monthly subscription costs of $44. However, this does not include optional upgrades such as heart rate monitor, dumbbells or mats - reflecting its premium nature. Financing will not be available due to this device.

A teaser video showcases The Row's features, such as leader boards and a 24-inch swivel screen for live and on-demand classes with energetic instructors. Furthermore, many details that users love in Peloton stationary bikes and treadmills - such as sleek design, compact 8ft x 2ft footprint size and the capability of vertical storage - carry over into The Row as well.

Peloton Row stands out as a stand-out product in terms of price; competitors such as Hydrow offer smart rowers at around $2,000 starting price, making it difficult to justify its nearly threefold higher starting price.

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