Pentech Matrix - An Attractive and Functional Cell Phone For Mobile Professionals

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

The Pentech Matrix cell phone is an attractive and functional mobile solution designed for mobile professionals. Equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 software that makes productivity simple - such as threaded text messaging and multi-email message replying capability, as well as fast data connectivity such as 3G/HSDPA support and USB 1.1 connectivity, its large color touch screen display and powerful camera - makes managing multimedia content simpler than ever.

The Matrix Pro is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of 650MHz, providing it with sufficient processing power to run most mobile applications efficiently and smoothly. Its 3.2-inch touch screen makes it an excellent choice for users who desire a compact yet stylish mobile device capable of more than making calls and sending texts; additionally it comes equipped with its own stereo speaker that delivers clear, rich sound when playing music videos or games.

The Matrix Pro was designed as a personal digital assistant (PDA). With its array of features that make accessing and using email, calendar and contact lists easy and efficient, you can create a personalized home screen to provide quick access to important items while driving safely - it even supports Bluetooth headsets for hands-free conversations!

A recessed microphone and speakerphone enable hands-free calls, while its digital camera lets you capture images or video. In addition to that, The Matrix comes equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard which you can expose by sliding vertically or horizontally; media playback/editing functions; an MP3 music player that stores up to 1,000 songs - as well as many more features!

The Matrix phone is simple to operate with its easy slide-to-unlock feature and four customizable buttons on its side, as well as its slide-to-unlock function and customizable ringtones and alerts that suit any lifestyle or taste. A speakerphone allows users to take calls without touching their handset while vibrate mode is perfect for setting alarms for important dates or events. Furthermore, there's even support for up to 16GB microSD cards!

The Matrix provides quad-band GSM support and world-roaming capabilities, making it an excellent option for international travelers. The large color touch-screen display can easily be read even under bright lighting, and can store up to 250 entries with names, photos for caller ID purposes and one of 10 polyphonic ringtones per entry.

The Matrix utilizes a proprietary transdermal delivery system comprised of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials to increase skin permeability of active ingredient capsaicin or its analogues by making them less water soluble, prolonging drug efficacy when adhered to skin, without leaving residues or side effects behind on user's skin, while at the same time it being safe for both children and pregnant women to use. Furthermore, its formulation leaves no residues behind after use nor other side effects, making the Matrix safe for children as well as pregnant women as well as being easy to clean so repeated uses are possible.

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