Perfectit Review - How to Use Perfectit to Check For Style and Punctuation Errors

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

perfectit review

Perfectit is a document-checking tool for business, legal and government writers. It is aimed at improving consistency and ensuring quality. Its features include checking for punctuation, formatting, citation style and capitalization.

It identifies inconsistent use of style, spelling errors that standard spellcheckers miss and checks abbreviations. It also helps enforce house style in organizations and documents.

Whether you are editing for a single client or an entire enterprise, you can use Perfectit to check a wide variety of style guides including American legal, GPO and others. You can also create custom style sheets and customize what it checks.

You can even generate a Table of Abbreviations, find comments accidentally left in documents and check figure and table labels. It can also update cross-references and remove excess spaces.

It’s a great tool to check your documents before submitting them for publication, to ensure that they are consistent with your brand guidelines. It improves the chances of getting accepted for publication and helps to avoid re-writings or changes after you’ve submitted the work.

A new feature of version 5 is that you can add The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) to your list of style sheets. Simply link your Perfectit account to an active CMOS Online subscription and it will be unlocked for use.

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