Photosynthesis Plus Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

Photosynthesis plus review is a one-of-a-kind product that improves photosynthesis to convert Light energy into uptaken Carbon to drive biology at both the foliar and root level. This increases plant functions that increase uptake of organic and inorganic inputs, including nutrient requirements.

It is a complete ecosystem in a bottle, with microbes that are fermented over six days creating a unique and effective bacterial culture that is shelf stable for two years. It contains photosynthetic, first trophic-level bacteria that increase photosynthesis and biological function and transports the sun’s energy to the roots and plants.

The culture consortium used by Microbe Life is the same one that is used on tens of thousands of acres of food crops and professional indoor medicinal and hemp growers throughout the world. This product is the only photosynthetic bacterium inoculant available with third-party verified results.

Photosynthesis Plus can be used in hydroponics, NFT DWC, drip, aeroponics, and aquaponics with soil or soil-less media (including coco coir) to improve the health of the root zone, stimulate microbial activity, reduce ammonium build up, increase oxygen availability, make nutrients more accessible, and much more. It is also a great supplement to a nutrient program and will increase your yields!

It is recommended that you apply this product as a foliar spray or soil drench to your plants every week. A recent independant test using this product on tomatoes resulted in a 80% increase in yields versus plants that did not receive the Photosynthesis plus treatment.

David Sunnyside
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