Pictures of Wednesday Addams

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

pictures of wednesday addams

Wednesday Addams is one of the most beloved characters from the Addams family. She hails from Gomez and Morticia Addams' daughter and features heavily in many TV series and movies over time, which further cements her place as one of our beloved heroines.

Charles Addams first introduced Wednesday in his 1938 newspaper comic strip. She quickly became one of his beloved characters, known for her deadpan personality and dark sense of humor, her talents as a writer - often featuring horror-themed fiction - as well as being her younger brother Pugsley's caregiver.

Though Wednesday may seem to have an unhealthy fascination for death and morbidity, she's not necessarily evil or cruel in character. She has an admiration of family values and loyalty toward her parents; in her early years she was quite sweet-natured and loved to play with spiders; however her behavior changed during her 1960s TV show where she became more interested in macabre themes and macabre-related objects.

After she reached adulthood, Wednesday started to darken significantly. She became more interested in supernatural topics, including psychic visions that showed glimpses of future events that she used against bullies. In the film version of The Addams Family she even appeared more sinister; but this eventually changed back into her original sweet nature.

In the '90s, both live-action movies and TV series continued to explore Wednesday. Christina Ricci portrayed Wednesday in both Addams Family films and its one season TV series; fans generally consider her take on her character to be the classic depiction. Ricci's portrayal was slightly darker than Charles Addams originally envisioned - she still brought chaos wherever she went!

Netflix Wednesday series offered an innovative take on Wednesday character. Starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, her performance earned critical acclaim from critics and was renewed for another season - so fans will get plenty of Wednesday action going forward!

This new series follows teenage Wednesday as she attends Nevermore Academy, an institution dedicated to teaching magic and witchcraft to its students. Intended as a safe haven for children with magical powers or genetic predispositions for werewolves, vampires and other supernatural creatures such as Wednesday discovers her special set of abilities while exploring her relationship with Pugsley further. Though not as dark or as teenaged as in its cartoon counterpart, Ortega still manages to capture its spirit, while providing her trademark deadpan humor; also she pursues her ambition of becoming an author as she studies and writes every day for classes!

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