Pioneer DJ 1000 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re a rekordbox DJ user through and through, then the pioneer ddj 1000 is the controller for you. It’s developed with rekordbox DJ in mind and doesn’t even run Serato (sorry Serato users). It’s also the first Pioneer controller to have a high-resolution display on every one of its jog wheels, which is a huge plus as it keeps you away from your laptop screen and allows for more visual feedback during performance.

Its other big selling point is its performance pads that allow you to trigger various FX on the fly such as Pad FX, Beat Jump and Sampler, Keyboard Mode, Beat Loop and more. These pads are a welcome addition to the DDJ range and it’s nice to see that pioneer has tried to differentiate these from the ones on other controllers with its own creative use of them.

The jog wheels are excellent too. They feel great, have lightning fast response and are positioned perfectly under the displays so you can easily keep your eyes on the wheels and your crowd. They also have tension adjustment so you can tune them to your liking and even adjust their responsiveness.

The mixing section is similar to other 4-channel Pioneer DJ mixers and features an assignable Magvel crossfader, four Sound Color effects from the DJM-series, and 12 Beat FX including four new ones. Dual USB ports allow for two DJs to connect and hand off between sets, and there’s a pair of mic inputs which can be used with the line inputs or a turntable.

David Sunnyside
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