Pioneer FH-X731BT Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

This pioneer fh-x731bt review is one of the best stereo systems that is available in the market today. It works well for Spotify and other streaming services and is a great choice for those that are looking to replace or upgrade their old stereo system in their car. It also has bluetooth functionality and can be paired with a microphone to allow hands-free calls. It also has a stealth mode which is a useful feature to help avoid theft. This feature camouflages the stereo so that thieves will think it is an OEM or regular car stereo and will not proceed to take it away from your vehicle.

The stereo also includes MIXTRAX which is a technology that automatically remixes music tracks in nonstop mix play and adds DJ-inspired effects. It draws upon Pioneer’s DJ heritage and passion for music to create a unique listening experience for all passengers in your car. It can be activated from a USB compatible device or from your favorite radio station with the push of a button. It features a pulsing multi-color display that is synchronized to your music and can be adjusted to match the illumination of your dash.

Other notable features include dual Bluetooth and guest mode, which allows a user to pair their phone to the receiver instantly without the need for a lengthy pairing process. This is a great feature for families with multiple drivers that want to have full control over their music in the car.

David Sunnyside
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