Pivot Pegs Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

pivot pegs review

The foot pegs are the most important controls on any bike, yet they're so often neglected by riders. That's a shame, because they can add comfort and control by offering a broader flat surface on which to stand, reducing the strain on legs, feet and ankles, especially when standing while shifting gear or braking.

Pivot Pegz are a pair of footpegs that use a spring-loaded pivoting action to track with the motion of the rider's feet while improving grip, stability and control. A computer designed spring holds the peg in a central position for normal riding, but when forward or backward pressure is applied the peg pivots allowing the boot to contact all of the footpeg surface rather than just over the front or rear edge as occurs with conventional pegs. This greatly improves feel and feedback when standing on the pegs, resulting in increased confidence and control over the bike.

They're also lighter and stronger than the stamped or cast pegs normally found on a motorcycle, while still being quite affordable. They're also engineered to reduce mud packing and have a special groove in the footpeg that guides the boots to the outside edges for better traction, letting you keep your feet in the correct position even in the deepest ruts and mud. And they're precision built, TUV certified and backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Pivot Pegz are available for many motorcycle models. This review covers the Mark 4 version which is 60 mm wide and 105 mm long (platform length from center of footpeg pin to end of peg is 130 mm). They're a great choice for all off-road motorcycles, including motocross, supercross, enduro and hare scrambles as well as mountain bikes and dune buggies.

David Sunnyside
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