Piwik PRO Core: Product Review

October 14, 2021
David Sunnyside


Piwik PRO

Introduction: Piwik PRO Core

Do you ever need to really look at the statistics of your website but do not know where to turn? You are in luck because there is a system and website that is dedicated to giving you all of this information in one place. I am sick of just looking at Google Analytics and not knowing what I am looking at. We will talk about Piwik PRO Core. Read more below about this amazing website and system.


  • Company: Piwik PRO
  • Tracking Plans
  • Audience Reports
  • Acquisition Reports
  • Behavior Reports
  • Price: Free
  • Link: Here

My Review

Piwik PRO prides itself on this being the privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. This service is available to anyone who wants to analyze the customer and user journey in business, government or education. Privacy laws are on the rise, as is the demand for compliant analytics platforms. This platform does just that for you (it also does a lot more).

I logged into it and was amazed at everything it could do. I was able to look at all the data for my website in one place. This service provides way more than Google Analytics does. Also, it takes the information from your site and Google Analytics and makes it more understandable. This is truly a game changer when it comes to website data and decision making.

Conclusion: Piwik PRO Core

Picking out the right service for website data is important and this website really does the job when it comes to it for many reasons. I hope you enjoyed reading about Piwik PRO Core.

What do you think of this platform? Have you used it before. Furthermore, leave your thoughts and comments on it below. Also, please read more articles like this one on the front page. Lastly, you can also follow us on Instagram.

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