Plasencia Cosecha 149 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

plasencia cosecha 149 review

The plasencia cosecha 149 is a cigar that honors the 149th tobacco harvest of the Plasencia family in 2014 and marks the first time the company has released a cigar exclusively from Honduran leaves. The savory Maduro wrapper is complemented by a core of long-fillers from various premium regions within the country, creating a smooth and well-balanced smoke that is sure to please the experienced palate.

The dark and oily seven-year aged corojo wrapper is adorned with a burnt orange Plasencia Cosecha 149 band and the cigar is housed in 10-count boxes. This full-bodied blend uses only Honduran grown and grown tobaccos from the family’s various Honduran farms.

After the initial spice and toasty crispness settles, the cigar opens up with notes of leather and earth. As the smoke progresses, the cocoa and coffee flavors entwine to create a complex dance on the palate. In the final third, the chocolate and coffee notes begin to fade and spice takes over to deliver a rich and satisfying finish.

Ben Lee recently assessed the Santa Fe and La Vega sizes of the Plasencia Cosecha 147 and he found them to have excellent construction, good draw, and an overall delicious taste. Despite its medium body, the Cosecha 149 should be reserved for those with experience smoking cigars as it may be too much for some palates. It’s certainly a flavorful and rewarding smoke though, and the tasters at the PCA trade show enjoyed it immensely as well.

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