Play Wordle Spin-Off at the Scholardle Website

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

scholardle website

If you enjoy Wordle, an addictive anagram game with huge online popularity, Scholardle may be just what's needed to challenge your academic vocabulary knowledge! Similar to its original form but with an added spin that puts players' academic vocabulary knowledge to the test.

This game starts off with a grid of letters, giving each player six chances to guess five-letter words each day from Writefull's database of scientific texts sourced from across various academic fields - truly challenging your vocabulary and knowledge of your surroundings!

As you make guesses, the tiles on the grid will change color to indicate your proximity to finding a match - green signifies correct words, yellow indicates partial matches and grey means there's none at all. There are clues available that may help narrow down your answer (e.g. if letters are in their proper places). There's even a hard mode available for more challenging play; plus an option to track your stats and share daily words of the day via social media!

Scholardle stands out as being significantly tougher than its rival Wordle variants Quordle and Octordle in that it uses all of the same words but adds additional scholarly terms, making it much harder for players to select correct answers than its original version.

Scholardle is an easy and enjoyable game to play for free on desktop and mobile devices alike. No sign-up or installation are needed - making Scholardle an excellent way to test knowledge, broaden vocabulary and reward students who behave themselves in class! Scholardle can even be used as a classroom incentive tool when rewarding good behavior!

Scholardle is an engaging and addictive way to expand your vocabulary and develop problem-solving abilities, all while getting in shape and exercising your brain! Plus it's the perfect way to relax after a hard day at work while relieving stress! Just make sure you keep trying until you find an answer using clues provided as this increases the odds of success - don't forget to come back each day for something new!

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