PlayStation 4 Holiday Bundles 2015

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

ps4 holiday bundles 2015

As holiday shopping season ramps up, video game companies and retailers are in a battle to put together alluring bundles for consumers. Sony is leading this year with some incredible options that include games, accessories, and even some exclusives for PlayStation 4.

Sony made history this summer when the PlayStation 4 became the top-selling console in North America, and looks set to keep that momentum rolling this holiday season with several special edition and game bundle offerings from their selection.

Those familiar with Batman Arkham should check out the Limited Edition Batman Arkham Knight Bundle. It comes equipped with a steel gray PlayStation 4 featuring Batman artwork on its faceplate, all necessary cables and controller. A physical copy of the game is also included.

This bundle offers the cheapest PS4 this year and is ideal for fans of The Last of Us franchise who are looking to jump into it without breaking the bank. PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us Remastered are among the most iconic titles to hit it; therefore this bundle provides an affordable way into one of its most beloved titles in history.

The Uncharted Bundle is another fantastic option for anyone seeking a new PlayStation this holiday season. Including a 500GB PS4, DualShock 4 controller in Jet Black color and access to Uncharted 4 beta which runs between December 4-13; Uncharted 4 contains all three original adventures of Nathan Drake remastered in HD for an unforgettable gaming experience from this generation.

For an extravagant PlayStation bundle, take a look at the limited edition Call of Duty Black Ops III Bundle. It features 1TB of storage - double that found on all other models - along with a copy of the game and digital voucher for NukeTown bonus multiplayer map.

There will be several bundles arriving this fall, including an Elite Bundle available for pre-order starting Oct. 14 from Sony and one including Final Fantasy 15 which can be found by visiting the official PlayStation Blog. Here Sony also announced all PS4 consoles would see a $50 price cut beginning Friday; this brings the two consoles closer in terms of affordability than before (500GB models cost the same $350 price point), making this PS4 the lowest-priced PS4 in years - great news for gamers who had difficulty affording one previously.

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