PMC Starfire 9mm Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

pmc starfire 9mm review

PMC’s Starfire line of self-defense ammo offers impressive stopping power at a budget friendly price point. The patented rib-and-flute hollow point cavity design expands consistently into a five-petal shape twice the size of the bullet diameter on impact. This provides cutting power to improve penetration and enhance terminal effectiveness. These rounds are loaded to standard pressures, which offer less recoil and flash than +P ammo, making them a good choice for use in older firearms that are not designed to handle high-pressure ammunition. Made in South Korea by Poongsan, a defense contractor that produces military grade ammo for both the US and South Korean forces, these 115 grain jacketed hollow points are a great value in 9mm Luger ammunition. These ammo features new production, non-corrosive Boxer primers and reloadable brass cases. Comes 20rds per box.

This ammo is part of our PMC Gold Line and goes through a stringent inspection process for consistent quality. This makes it a great choice for your home and carry pistols such as the Glock 17 and 19, Browning Hi-Power, Sig P226 and HK45.

David Sunnyside
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