Polaroid Go Review

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

If you love instant cameras and all things analog, Polaroid may be familiar to you. After digital photography took hold, this iconic brand made a comeback years later and still produces modern instant cameras featuring retro designs that offer instantaneous photos.

The Go is one of Polaroid's newest offerings and is designed as a mini instant camera that fits right in your pocket. At just over 4 inches long, 3.3 inches wide and 2.4 inches high it makes this super portable camera easily fit in jacket pockets or backpacks while being much lighter than traditional Instax or Polaroid cameras making travel adventures hassle-free!

As the smallest instant camera available, the Go is an ideal way to easily and conveniently capture memories on-the-go. Designed as an easy point-and-shoot model that uses Polaroid's Go color film (opens in new tab), all that is necessary is turning on your Go camera, lining up your subject within its viewfinder, pressing its big red button to take a photo, and placing the developed film somewhere dark for development.

The Go isn't equipped with zoom capabilities, but does offer a self-timer and mirror for framing selfies. Furthermore, its double exposure mode offers fun experiments in terms of colors and textures. Furthermore, its small battery powers up 15 packs of Polaroid film before needing charging through micro USB port; charging takes approximately two hours, with an activity indicator light flashing green during charging and red when fully charged.

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Though the Polaroid Go is packed with incredible features, it should also be remembered that there are a few drawbacks worth keeping in mind. Most significantly is its incompatibility with other Polaroid films; users will need to purchase its proprietary film. Furthermore, its fixed focus lens prevents close-up or macro photography.

Though it does have its drawbacks, the Polaroid Go is an ideal instant camera for people who value portability and lightweight photography. Travelers looking for an alternative to digital cameras may also appreciate this camera; its warm aesthetic lends itself well to portraiture or events with friends but may not suit landscape photography as well.

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