Polaroid Go Vs Polaroid Now

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

polaroid go vs polaroid now

The Polaroid Go is an ingeniously designed modern update on one of their classic models. Easy and fun to use, its vibrant pictures will appeal to anyone who appreciates Polaroid's distinctive aesthetic.

Polaroid Go isn't as advanced as some of their more sophisticated models, but it offers plenty of features to keep any instant camera user happy. Beyond power and shutter buttons, the Go offers features such as double exposure mode (indicated by flashing frame counter) and self-timer feature with 10-second countdown timer function. Plus it's made specifically with selfies in mind with its built-in mirror that will help frame shots even under bright lighting conditions!

As with previous Polaroid models, the Polaroid Go utilizes an i-Type film system. As is typical with such cameras, to get full-size images out of each shooting session you must remove a plastic "frog tongue" covering the film after every shooting session before it can develop into full size memories. While initially this may prove difficult to handle, with practice it becomes much simpler. As it's also a point-and-shoot camera simply line up your subject and press red shutter button; to take another exposure just press flash button again!

However, the Polaroid Go does fall short in certain areas. First of all, its auto-focus lens is calibrated to focus on subjects from two meters or closer, so it's best used for portraits and landscape photography rather than close-up or macro photography. Furthermore, its flash is underpowered; subjects more than two meters from the camera may end up underexposed due to underexposure issues.

Polaroid Go is an instant camera designed for those looking to capture memories with a retro flair. With its intuitive user experience and beautiful images, the Polaroid Go is an excellent way to add timeless mementos into life's journey. However, the price of instant film may discourage casual users from continuing shooting instant films.

Polaroid's iconic cameras have long been utilized by some of the world's finest artists, such as Andy Warhol and Helmut Newton. Recently, the iconic brand made a triumphant return with their flagship product -- Polaroid Go. This model is an economical way to take instant photos quickly. However, for serious photography enthusiasts we suggest the Polaroid OneStep Plus which features superior image quality and more advanced features in a larger body. If you're interested in purchasing a Polaroid Go, click below for pricing and availability details. We will show you how to select the appropriate device based on your needs, then connect you with local dealers who can answer any additional queries that arise.

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