Practices in Onboarding As a Work-From-Home Employee

February 1, 2023

 Remote work is now standard practice for millions of employees across the globe. But it also requires a different approach to onboarding than traditional in-person hiring.

Companies need to adapt to remote onboarding to create a positive employee experience. First, learn practices you can implement to help your team with their remote onboarding. Then, visit to help you more with onboarding. 

Schedule a Face-to-Face Meeting

In-person meetings offer many advantages for business communication. They foster stronger relationships, encourage collaboration and help you build trust with your team and clients.

They also save you time, energy, and money. That's why they are often the preferred way to communicate important information.

Send a Welcome Email

A welcome email is a vital part of your employee's onboarding experience. It can ease their anxiety, motivate them to succeed, and help them feel at home.

A welcoming email is also an excellent opportunity to highlight your company's culture and values. Whether you're a long-established or family-run business, you can show people how they'll fit in.

Schedule a One-on-One Meeting

A one-on-one meeting is an integral part of the onboarding process as a work-from-home employee. It's an opportunity to discuss personal and professional matters with your manager.

If you want to make this meeting as productive as possible, schedule it with your manager ahead of time. Then, both of you can have a clear goal for the meeting.

Creating a habit of regularly scheduling one-on-one meetings is critical to building trust and engagement. It's also a great way to track employee feedback over time.

One-on-one meetings are essential for managers to engage their direct reports and provide support, guidance, and resources. Here are some tips to help you schedule them as effectively as possible.

Schedule a Team Meeting

A team meeting is a time for all group members to collaborate and share information efficiently. It can also be an opportunity for teams to air their concerns or discuss obstacles.

It is essential to schedule a team meeting with clear goals and an agenda. It will help ensure that the meeting is valuable and productive for everyone involved.

Send a Welcome Video

Sending a welcome video is a great way to get the personal touch into your onboarding process. You can show your new employee your smiling face, make eye contact, and deliver a warm welcome.

It's also a great way to introduce your company culture and values. 

Send a Welcome Packet

A welcome packet is a great way to show new employees that you're excited to have them onboard. It can also streamline their learning process by giving them all the general information they need to start the job.

It could include an office map or a log-in list to help them navigate the office and workspace. It could also include a FAQ sheet that answers common questions they might have.

Schedule a Virtual Coffee Chat

Coffee chats are a great way to get to know your coworkers and build genuine relationships. And when you're working remotely, making solid connections with your team is even more critical.

You can schedule virtual coffee chats with your team using video conferencing platforms. Using small group features like breakout rooms, these meetings can encourage more in-depth discussions and build deeper relationships.


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