Pressed Announces Sonando Strain Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

sonando strain review


After years of physical wear and tear in the squared circle, professional wrestler Kevin Nash sought alternatives to prescription pharmaceuticals for pain and inflammation. He found relief in cannabis, initially experimenting with MEDfarms’ Chill Medicated THC and CBD topical rub for pain management. He has since partnered with Michigan’s Hyman Cannabis to release his own strain, Jackknife, named after his signature powerbomb finisher. Nash will be making appearances at select Michigan dispensaries to meet fans and sign autographs in conjunction with the release of the strain.

Named after a WWE trademark move, Jackknife Kush is a potent sativa strain that crosses Creamsicle and Sonando genetics. The result is a citrus, orange, and berry-flavored strain that’s euphoric and relaxing. The high from this strain promotes creativity and relaxation and can be useful for coping with stress.

Sonando is a hybrid marijuana strain that’s bred from crossing Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. It has sweet flavors of berry mixed with spicy diesel notes that produce long-lasting effects perfect for afternoons. The high from this strain promotes uplifting moods and can be useful for addressing stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

To celebrate the launch of this new strain, Pressed is releasing three limited-edition Morir Sonando-flavored plant-based nut milks at its stores nationwide. The nonalcoholic drink is a great alternative to traditional orange creamsicles and will help keep you hydrated on a hot day. If you want to make this non-alcoholic beverage boozy, simply add a splash of any rum flavor like Lyre’s alcohol-free rum or Ritual Rum Alternative.

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