Prima Luna Evo 200 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

primaluna evo 200 review

Upscale Audio

Distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds and costing PS2698, the Prima Luna Evo 200 integrates amplifier harks back to a more traditional approach to hifi design. Its heavy weight - 24kg – is partly accounted for by custom, super-wide bandwidth EI frame toroidal transformers while the point-to-point internal wiring and premium quality sealed relay input switches should ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum.

As supplied it comes fitted with four EL34 valves for the output stage and a quartet of 12A7s for the preamp, which is a tried and tested combination that delivers an attractive balance of usable real world power with delicacy. Playing Mark Knopfler’s Redbud Tree track at 24-96 the amp effortlessly conveys the softly strummed acoustic guitar notes with a grace that shows a true appreciation of music’s delicate side.

The Evo 200 also benefits from the Adaptive Auto Bias circuit, a PrimaLuna innovation that uses a separate circuit out of the signal path to continuously monitor and adjust tube bias for maximum performance and reliability. This, combined with a robust power supply that has dual large Nichicon and DuRoch polypropylene capacitors, should help keep the amplifier running smoothly for many years to come.

The front panel hosts rocker switches for power, speaker / headphone output selection and high / low bias. The rear panel houses RCA jacks for all inputs, home-theatre bypass and 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm output taps. An LED indicator on the top deck shows the status of the output tubes and a power / standby switch is included.

David Sunnyside
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