Pro X Piston Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

pro x piston review

The pro x piston is among the most expensive racks available, and for good reason. It’s also one of the easiest to use, with a feature set that includes hydro-pneumatic OneTap levers on the cradle arms (with Kashima coating), and ratcheting Kashima-coated struts that let you easily load a bike.

The trays are designed to fit most wheel sizes and widths, and the cradles can drop all the way down for e-bikes (Kuat sells an e-bike add-on). The per-bike weight capacity is 67lb for the 2.25'' rack, or 60lb on the 1.25'' version. The maximum wheelbase is 53'', and it can be adjusted instantly, tool-free.

It’s made from 98% metal with a heavy, 12mm-thick security cable, and IGUS bushings on major pivot points for longevity and a smooth ride. The slick powdercoat finish won’t fade in the sun, and Kuat promises a 750-hour salt spray test for corrosion resistance.

Unlike roof-mounted racks, the Piston is easier to load and unload and doesn’t limit you to a particular frame size or shape. The trays make it easy to put your bike into position, and you can even remove the front wheel while the bikes are on the rack for extra convenience. The trays are tiered, too, making it easy to carry two or more bikes with a single mount on your car. And the whole thing can be assembled and mounted in a few minutes with a couple of Allen keys.

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