ProForm Crosswalk Treadmill Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

proform crosswalk treadmill review

The proform crosswalk treadmill is a high-tech treadmill that you can use to get a great workout at home. Its features are designed to improve your performance and increase your calorie burn, but it also comes with plenty of safety features to help you stay safe.

It is also easy to use because it has an LCD display that shows your speed, incline, distance and calories burned. It also has a dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor that is attached to the handlebar so you can keep track of your heart rate at all times.

This model is also equipped with patented upper body exercise bars through the CrossWalk feature to help you work out your arms and legs for a total-body workout. You can also connect the machine to an iFit account to sync with your online workouts.

Treadmills from ProForm are popular because they strike the right balance between price and features. This makes them an attractive option for most people looking to buy a new treadmill.

They're also durable and comfortable, which means you can get a good workout on them for years to come. The brand has a variety of treadmills, from the budget-friendly City L6 to the pricier Pro Series.

It is important to consider your fitness goals and preferences before purchasing a treadmill. You will also want to decide which features are most important to you, like an HD touchscreen or iFit connectivity.

You'll need to make a decision on your budget, too. The ProForm treadmills come in a variety of prices, from the budget-friendly City L6 (starting at $699) to the pricier Pro Series models ($1,799).

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