Project X LZ Blackout Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Choosing the right iron shaft for your club is more complicated than simply matching your swing speed to a specific weight or flex. Shot shape, desired feel and versatility all play a part in what shaft will work best for you. For players who want the performance of Project X but have a slightly smoother or slower swing, the new LZ (Loading Zone) shaft is the perfect solution.

Loading Zone Technology creates a maximum shaft load during the downswing, providing 7% greater energy transfer for more distance. This is achieved through a combination of the shaft’s butt and tip sections being reinforced and a reduced stiffness in the mid section. Golfers can feel the difference through a crisp, active feel with a precise kick at impact.

The LZ is also a great option for the wedges of players used to playing a standard Project X shaft in their irons but feel they have been missing something. The LZ is the most versatile shaft in the Project X lineup and is designed to give players a smoother, more penetrating mid-trajectory flight with the added benefit of easier tempo control for a more consistent wedge game.

This shaft is made with a premium blackout steel that is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for mid-sized irons. The px lz shaft is also available in a chrome finish and features the same proprietary Loading Zone technology for increased energy transfer. Featuring an exclusive, patent-pending butt and tip reinforcement design and reduced stiffness in the midsection, golfers can see the technology through the shaft’s rapid tapered steps from the grip to the middle of the shaft.

David Sunnyside
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