Pros and Cons of Mobile Computing

April 28, 2023
Justin Lumiere

Mobile computing (also referred to as portable computing) enables users to access computer resources, capabilities and services using portable devices while moving about. Mobile computing has grown into an established area of IT that serves both business and consumer markets.

Mobile computers are portable electronic devices used for various tasks including communication, entertainment, business and gaming.

These devices can be operated via keyboard, touch screen or stylus for use. Some smartphones also boast cameras and additional features that enhance user experience.

Technology has become an integral part of people's everyday lives, yet it still comes with some restrictions and drawbacks.

Mobility:- One of the primary advantages of mobile computing is accessing content and applications regardless of where users are physically located. This feature is especially valuable in workplace environments where employees travel regularly between different sites without access to an office computer or power source.

Mobile computing presents two significant drawbacks; its heavy reliance on battery power and poor wireless network reception. Both issues can render certain functions impossible or prevent communication with other mobile devices altogether.

Data Security: As many individuals store sensitive information on mobile devices, it is crucial that companies implement effective security policies to safeguard this data against unauthorized users.

Businesses reliant on mobile computing technology to conduct daily operations may also face difficulties from an inadequate or unstable wireless network connection, particularly when people work remotely and depend on mobile technology for daily activities. A network which is too weak or unreliable could have serious repercussions for a company's bottom line.

Mobile computing also poses the potential risk of leading users to become dependent upon their devices for various tasks, which may lead to addiction and be detrimental for a business as it impacts productivity, morale and can even cause cyberbullying issues.

Business and consumers alike often struggle to locate the source of a problem. A hardware failure or application bug could be at play and users might only become aware of it once it has become severe.

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