Pulp Alley Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Pulp Alley is a skirmish game designed to recreate the adventure of serials and cheap paperbacks such as Doc Savage, Tarzan, Sky Captain, or Sam Spade. It usually involves exotic locales, dashing heroes, two-fisted men of action and villainous scientists and gangsters. The game also often has a lot of character interaction and is very open-ended to include different genres such as old west, horror, science fiction or fantasy.

The game uses a polyhedral dice system from d6 to d12 where any roll of 4+ is considered a success. It also allows for a variety of stats and abilities that are added to the character with Abilities, Gear and Team Perks. The stat bonuses (for example, a high level character might have 2 or 3 Abilities while Plankton-standard Grunts might only have 1) are what really makes the characters different and unique. It also eliminates the need for charts and tables during a scenario.

Adding to the Pulp feel is the fact that the initiative is determined by the events occurring in the scenario rather than being based on an arbitrary die roll. The game is very easy to learn and play for any level of player.

The game has a lot of different options for both heroes and villains with several new miniatures available to make your adventures more colorful. Pulp Figures has released a set of Mud Men Warriors that could work as both allies and enemies in your adventures and Sally 4th has an awesome Victorian style set of figures sculpted by Iain Lovecraft that would look great on the tabletop. Dragon Bait Miniatures have a few new 28mm figures that will add some femme fatales to your adventures as well.

David Sunnyside
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