Puritan Pride CoQ10 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

puritan pride coq10 review

Co Q-10 supports heart health and helps to generate energy in the cells of the body. It also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, promotes oral health, and slows premature skin aging. This dietary supplement is made with Puritan's Pride own natural and highly bioavailable form of Co Q 10, called Q-Sorb, which is hermetically sealed in easy-to-swallow rapid-release softgels for superior absorption. Studies suggest that statin medications can deplete Co Q-10, so this supplement can help replenish what is lost with medication use.

Puritan Pride offers a huge variety of traditional supplements in effective forms and appropriate doses. Their vast assortment includes supplements to boost immunity, support organ health, improve sleep, relieve joint pain and more. They are also transparent about the quality of ingredients they use, providing real citations to scientific studies. They have a great return policy and cost-savings rewards program.

The company's supplements are inexpensive, even before their frequent sales, and many are sourced from good quality ingredients. Some of the company's products, however, contain food coloring and controversial additives. Their use of shark cartilage, which is harmful to rapidly declining shark populations and sensitive ecosystems, is particularly concerning. It is important to research a brand of vitamins before adding them to your routine, and check with your doctor for any concerns or conditions you have.

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