Purple Trainwreck Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

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Purple Trainwreck is a light and refreshing strain that delivers uplifting cerebral effects that help users become chatty and playful, as well as a light body buzz that aids in relaxation. This unique blend of sativa and indica effects makes this strain a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Its organic scent of lavender is a welcomed change from overpowering strains on the market, and its gentle high provides an enjoyable ride for consumers.

As with her work on TV, Amy Schumer is unafraid to take a few sharp swings at cliched male stereotypes, and Judd Apatow, who directed this film from her script, isn’t afraid to allow his star — who looks and sounds like she stepped out of a Bad Teacher set — to unleash her gifts for deadpan delivery and old-school physical high jinks in heels and minis. The movie’s giddy first half zips along more smoothly than the second, which sputters when it takes a short, awkwardly managed detour into tragedy.

The film’s smartest jokes — as well as the most effective scenes — involve the characters trying to figure out how to navigate their messy lives and relationships, especially as one of them struggles with an aggressively unlovable father. But in the end, this movie, like so many of its rom-com ilk, avoids cutting quite so deep as it needs to, and while it satisfies on a surface level, it falls short of the brilliance of Bridesmaids or Kristen Wiig’s more nuanced work.

David Sunnyside
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