Purrdy Paws Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

purrdy paws review

We have been hearing about purrdy paws for a while now, and we decided to do some research on their products. It is clear that they are a great alternative to declawing and help reduce the damage your cat’s claws can cause. However, we also heard some concerns.

These soft nail caps for cats are a fun way to minimize scratched limbs and furniture. They are made with non-toxic vinyl and come in different colors that glow in the dark when exposed to light. They are easy to apply and remove, and the manufacturer suggests trying a cap on your kitten’s claw without glue first to make sure it fits.

They are available in several sizes, and the manufacturer recommends using them for kittens up to six months old. They can be used on adult cats as well, but you will need to trim their nails regularly. The product comes with a tube of adhesive and an applicator for easy application. It may take a while for your kitten to get used to wearing them, but they can be an effective and humane alternative to declawing.

David Sunnyside
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