Purus Labs Noxygen Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Stimulant-Free Blood Flow & Oxygen Amplifier

Noxygen is an excellent non-stimulant pre workout for people who want to increase their pumps and vascularity. It is designed to be used alone, or even better, to be added to a high stim preworkout like Frenzy or Condense, for mind-blowing results. When used in this manner Noxygen enhances the transport of nutrients to muscle cells, maximising oxygen uptake which delivers more energy and endurance and much improved vascularity.

It is a powerful and effective pump product with an awesome formula. It has a huge dose of beta alanine to get those tingles, as well as a full dose of nitric oxide boosters including NO3-T Betaine and Citrulline Nitrates, and HydroMax powdered glycerol for awesome pumps. There is also Vitacholine(r) natural choline bitartrate, tyrosine and Huperzine Serrata for focus. Plus it has 200mg of caffeine anhydrous and 67mg of ZumXR extended-release caffeine for smooth, clean energy.

It also contains Nitratene nitrate, which increases nitric oxide production 3.5x better than compounds such as arginine and citrulline, and a high molecular weight water-soluble glycerol called HydroMax that absorbs up to 12x more water for hydration and muscular cell volumization. This is a game-changing ingredient for strength and endurance athletes alike. The stimulant-free, dye free, and unflavored supplement additive can be added to any preworkout, creatine, or hydration supplement for accelerated performance whether it is for strength or endurance training. It can also be used on its own on non-training or cardio days as a "any exercise, anytime" performance accelerant.

David Sunnyside
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