Put It In A Bun When You Give Me

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

A new TikTok challenge is making pets uncomfortable. The put it in a bun when you give me challenge involves tying up cats and dogs with a hair elastic like a bun. This is causing animals distress and some of these videos are even considered animal abuse, according to an article by Gulf Coast Humane Society.

This easy, high braided bun combines two of the best things: braids and buns. You can make this look by parting your hair and braiding all the way up to the middle, then pulling it into a bun and twisting around the base. You can pull out strands of hair to create more of a messy look or secure them with bobby pins, and don't forget to spritz your finished bun with some hair spray to help keep the style in place for longer.

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David Sunnyside
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