Quaker State Synthetic Oil Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

Aside from ensuring that their engine oil is high-quality, the company also makes sure that it has a low-emission rate. This is achieved by using advanced materials that will leave fewer emissions. They make sure to use a fully synthetic oil base, which means that they will leave behind a lot fewer pollutants than other brands. The engine will be able to run at its optimum performance without producing a lot of pollution.

The company’s products include full-synthetic motor oils and conventional oil as well as ATF and transmission fluid. They also make several different types of filters and can even lubricate the automatic transmission in your car. The company has a great selection of products and is a reputable name in the automotive world.

Quaker State is a brand of engine oil manufactured by the Pennzoil Company. While it was once considered to be one of the most expensive car oils, it has since become very affordable. Its quality has also improved over the years. Some of its oils are designed for high mileage vehicles and have special additives to combat the wear that old engines experience.

This full-synthetic oil reduces friction to maximize horsepower and protect against the formation of sludge and harmful deposits. It also improves fuel economy. It meets API SM and SN standards, as well as GM’s Dexos and BMW Long Life standards.

In addition to the above, this synthetic oil is formulated to resist oxidation and other degradation processes. It is a great choice for all vehicles, whether new or old. It has been tested on a variety of vehicles and has received excellent reviews.

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