Raleigh Willard 3 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

raleigh willard 3 review

With paved roads getting increasingly congested and more riders looking for adventure, gravel bikes have become quite popular. Having a quiver of different bike for each discipline can get expensive and maintenance-heavy, so having a jack-of-all-trades that can handle multiple terrain types can be a great option. The Raleigh Willard 3 is just that.

The Willard is a do-it-all, all-purpose, off road and pavement riding machine that is meant to allow you to leave your paved comfort zone and explore new routes without breaking the bank. Built with geometry that inspires confidence in loose gravel or dirt, this ultra-versatile bike goes where most road bikes can't, while allowing you to enjoy your favorite paved rides in complete comfort.

For a bike that starts under $1,500, the Willard has some pretty nice features. It comes stock with a set of Tomcat wheels that are a little heavier than I would like, but they have solid 28 spokes and can take the punishment that gravel and cinder roads can dish out. It also has the Clement (now Donnelly) X'PLOR 700x40c tires that are made for gravel riding and will give you the traction you need to keep up with your faster peers.

The Shimano 105 drive train works flawlessly and the mechanical disc brakes have plenty of stopping power for the rough conditions you will encounter on your adventures. Lastly, the rack and fender mounts allow you to add a rack for commuting or fenders for riding in wet weather.

David Sunnyside
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