Ramp Snowboard Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

ramp snowboard review

Whether you're a grom looking to add a quiver of skis to your collection or you're an old hand at the art of shredding, Ramp has got something to suit every style. With a creative moniker, top sheet graphics and the use of vacuum moulded skis that are said to create a more natural shape in comparison to most industrial presses Ramp are well on their way to becoming a popular brand for both beginners and experts alike.


The Ramp BigBambooski is a fun to ride, ski shaped for the variable conditions that you'll encounter inbounds and out on any of your local resorts. The thin profile on the tips and tails allow for plenty of early rise to float in deep snow while a twin tip in the back makes it easy to turn in a wide variety of terrain.

Razor Cut:

The Razor cut on the BigBambooski is a new sidecut concept that is designed to increase edge grip by straightening the sides of the ski from midpoint back to the tail then curving again. This is said to create more edge hold and a more natural side cut that allows for wider skis to carve on harder snow than standard side cuts do.

Step-on Bindings:

The Burton Step-on binding system is something that we've been really impressed with recently. The 3-point snapping attachment system means that there is no strap required for a quick and easy fit and release from the board. There is also a tool free adjustment feature that allows you to change the position of the cleats on the baseplate with your fingers.

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