Rancho 9000 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

rancho 9000 review

If you are looking for a shock that offers premium control and performance to your truck or SUV then look no further than the Rancho 9000 series. Rancho has a long history in developing and manufacturing 4WD suspension components. Their current line of Rancho RS9000XL Series Shocks offers drivers the ability to choose from nine different settings for compression and damping.

The adjustable shocks allow for a perfect ride on both empty and loaded vehicles. This is a major advantage over other shock absorbers because it eliminates the harsh "crashing" that can be felt when changing from unloaded to loaded conditions. The shocks can be adjusted while mounted on the vehicle with the use of a simple wrench, and this feature allows for fine-tuning to specific driving conditions.

With the Rancho RS9000XL, you can cruise the highway in comfort at Position 1 or conquer those muddy trails at Position 9. The shocks are built to last with heavy-duty rod ends, a zinc plated finish, and protective boots and rubber bushings. This rugged design helps to keep the oil clean and reduce the chance of contamination.

The RS9000XL is an excellent option for anyone wanting to improve the ride on their vehicle without spending hundreds of dollars more on a high-end shock absorber. The adjustable features of this shock make it ideal for lifted trucks and SUVs. It is also a good choice for vehicles that are used for towing and hauling.

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