Razer Arctosa Keyboard Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

PC gear designed with gaming in mind typically follows one of two paths. Either it resembles an armored Soviet tank for durability reasons or it features flashy colors, shapes and designs intended to annoy enemies in order to secure easy victories. The Razer Arctosa belongs more closely to the latter school of thought than either; though only by a slim margin. It resembles both Logitech's diNovo line as well as Razer's Lycosa keyboard when it comes to appearances similarity.

Arctosa keyboards boast fully programmable macro and media access keys that you can assign actions such as jumping, strafing or activating nitrous boost to. Furthermore, Windows key can also be assigned various actions - for instance jumping, strafing or activating the nitrous boost - enabling complex game maneuvers which would otherwise be difficult or impossible with traditional keyboards. In addition, selective anti-ghosting for WASD gaming cluster reduces ghosting signal failures caused by simultaneous presses of multiple commands on traditional keyboards reducing ghosting signal failures that occurred between individual commands being pressed simultaneously when press multiple commands were simultaneously.

Notable gaming features of the Arctosa include its 1000Hz ultrapolling feature which dramatically decreases the time required for keyboard signals to reach your computer, giving your response time faster and accuracy more precisely than before when playing online games. In addition, its Hyperesponse keys minimize latency for critical in-game actions for optimal gaming experience.

Razer Arcosa keyboards include multimedia buttons for playing audio or controlling video playback or control, making it easy to access even when immersed in gaming. Furthermore, these multimedia buttons include an easy mute button that enables quick muzzling without opening Windows menus or opening another application.

Razer was established in 2005 with dual headquarters in Irvine (California) and Singapore. Since then, Razer has become a world-renowned provider of gaming hardware, software and services sold globally through retail outlets as well as online. Razer provides a host of gaming-related products and services, such as mice, headsets, keyboards, speakers and power banks for consumers worldwide. Furthermore, the company provides gaming-related payment services and financial technology products in emerging markets. Razer provides an assortment of gaming and lifestyle-related content such as video games, comics, books and merchandise related to gaming and lifestyle. Furthermore, it operates the world's largest online gaming portal while providing gaming monetization and social networking solutions to developers. This company is publicly listed on the Singapore Exchange, with its stock price closing down 0.5% at AU$1.45 per share on Friday - representing its market cap of AU$1.35 billion. Employing over 2,000 individuals globally, employees rate its Perks and Benefits highly as per employee survey responses.

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