Real Estate Mobile Apps- An Overview

December 8, 2022

As the world is evolving rapidly, almost everything is changing—the methods of living and performing daily lifestyle duties are changing simultaneously. There was a time when people had to look in a newspaper for property ads and then visit the location to check, but now you can do it just with a touch through your smartphone. Yes, you heard it right you can look for a property to buy or rent through the real estate applications on your smartphone. 

You need to install an authentic real estate application according to your location. You can also install it for business if you work in real estate. The best thing about mobile real estate applications is it has pictures also, so you can have an idea without visiting the place. 

Types Of Real Estate Mobile Applications

There are many areas of interest in real estate, and you will find different types of real estate applications on your play store. Some of them are described in detail as follows.

Property Estimation Application 

Home valuation real estate mobile application helps the user evaluate property according to the size, location, and other parameters. This uses (ML) (AL) technology. This is undoubtedly revolutionary in the real estate market as it saves people from scams, and they can evaluate the price themselves.

House Renting Mobile Application

If you are looking for accommodation to rent out, you can quickly look for such applications as they are really helpful. You can easily look for a house within your range and location preference. The best part is that you can access the pictures and don't need to visit the location. You can look for reviews also.

Real Estate CRM Application

If you have an interest and looking for a career in real estate, then this application is a lifesaver. This connects real estate agencies with buyers and renters and helps form a connection between them. Such applications are top-rated in countries like Dubai, the USA, Germany, Canada, and the UK.

Real Estate Investment Mobile Application

Real Estate Investment Mobile Application helps people who sell and buy properties as a business and helps them in investing accordingly. You can easily participate in auctions, not just this; you can effortlessly determine the risks and estimate future interest rates and taxes.

Characteristics Of A Successful Real Estate Mobile Application

You will find plenty of real estate mobile applications of different functionalities, but let's discuss some of the crucial features a successful real estate mobile application must have. 


There should always be a background check feature to avoid future disappointment, as property frauds are prevalent worldwide. The applicant should go through a screening process while registering. 

Lease Details

Many property dealers smartly sell properties without providing lease details, which is a big scam! The lease record of the property should be available on the application. The iOS app development company should be told to integrate this feature. 

3D Virtual Tour 

 A virtual tour of the property with the help of 3D pictures can help the buyer decide, and they don't need to visit the location physically. This virtual tour of the property gives an insightful layout and creates a good impact also. The app should have this feature as this increases credibility.

Property Calculator

This must-have feature makes things pretty easy for the property buyer and renter. This feature helps the user evaluate the cost of the property they are interested in. Users can also find taxes, interests, down payments, and insurance details. 

Multi Payment API

You can hire android app developer and ask him to integrate this feature, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, etc. This will help the buyers, renters, sellers, and real estate agencies make significant payments. This feature should be highly secure, or hackers can quickly get user data. So to avoid such intrusions, this feature should be made highly protected. 

Advance Search

This feature helps buyers and renters search the property according to location preference, plot size, range, amenities, facilities, etc. This feature is absent in many popular applications, so when hiring a mobile application developer, ask him to integrate this feature. 

Street Navigation

Street navigation helps the buyer in having an idea of the street view and location. This is linked with the Google Maps API. Any android application development company would be able to integrate this feature for their real estate mobile application clients. 

Popular Real Estate Management Applications 

Following are some of the very famous real estate mobile applications worldwide.

  • Zillow
  • Xome
  • Deal Check
  • Bigger Pockets
  • LoopNet
  • DotLoop
  • Redfin 

You can easily install these apps and sign up through the screening process. These applications are user-friendly and highly secure.


The real estate market is progressing rapidly and adapting to today’s digital means. An app development NYC or anywhere else knows what it takes to create a fully-fledged real estate app. 

This helps buyers, renters, and real estate agencies to buy, sell, and invest effortlessly. This saves people from major property fraud—features like a property calculator and virtual tour help the buyer decide in a better way. Research and implement everything accordingly.  


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