Red Dead Redemption 2 Review Embargo Lifts

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

rdr2 review embargo

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2018. With the release date approaching, fans are eager to see how the game stacks up against previous Rockstar titles. As a result, the review embargo has finally lifted and critics are beginning to post their impressions online.

The rdr2 review embargo is set to lift at 4am Pacific tomorrow morning (October 25). Once the reviews go live, gamers will be able to find out whether the open world western has lived up to expectations. In addition, the reviews will help gamers decide if they want to pick up the title for themselves.

While there have been a few reports that suggest the game might not be as good as people expected, most critics are gushing about the experience. So far, rdr2 has scored more tens than Tye Dillinger in a mirror maze. It's the highest-rated game of 2018 and continues Rockstar's streak of creating games that score 90+ on Metacritic.

The only thing that could make rdr2 better is a PC port, which will allow the game to take advantage of ray tracing and more powerful graphics cards. If you're interested in rdr2, holding out for a PC release is the smart move.

While some critics may break the embargo and publish their reviews early, there's really no point in doing so. Trying to be the first in the market doesn't add any journalistic value and it looks bad in the eyes of other publishers. Moreover, breaking an embargo can cost you future work with a publisher.

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