Reliable Software Resources: Top 5 Tools for Free

August 30, 2021

reliable software resources

Introduction: Reliable Software Resources

Software development is about creating programs for computers. It involves programmers, coders, software engineers, and developers. You only need a laptop or computer to learn software development, which you can do at home. Thus, you can quickly learn software development through free online coding boot camps and courses. Moreover, if you are looking for the five best websites offering free software development courses online, check the following list. Read more about reliable software resources below.

1. Coursera

It’s an online learning platform that offers plenty of courses in various fields. Coursera has hundreds of courses related to software development; you can opt for any of them, including:

  • Java
  • C language
  • Python
  • Introduction to programming
  • IoT programming
  • HTML and CSS

Coursera has partnered with professors from several leading universities to develop these courses. It means you will get a chance to learn from the world’s best teachers working at top-tier universities. In addition, it offers you to learn from the best online coding bootcamps and courses. Furthermore, all the courses on Coursera are free, but if you want to get a certificate, you will have to pay. Also, while choosing the course, you need to select “Full Course, No Certificate” if you want to learn freely.

2. Udemy

Udemy is another best platform for learning online. It also offers a lot of courses in different disciplines. Though several courses on Udemy are paid, you can still find some free courses. Further, it frequently provides special discounts or coupons by which you can buy courses at cheaper rates. Moreover, it also offers free versions of the paid courses. Thus, you can quickly learn software development through Udemy without any cost.

Numerous software development courses are available on Udemy, such as:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Spring
  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • REST
  • Selenium
  • Mobile Application Development

3. Free Code Camp

Free code camp is among the top community-building website which allows you to create factual association and build a community. One of its best parts is that you aren’t coding alone. They have a community forum where you can learn with others. They also have an extensive Facebook group where you can post your queries. Moreover, you can contact the coders living near you and meet them to exchange your knowledge.

reliable software resources

You can participate in various challenges, which will help you learn more. Free code camp provides access to the courses and tutorials to assist you in accomplishing your challenge. Also, you can also apply your skills to the actual world once you learn by doing tradable projects for nonprofits. In addition, you can learn many coding languages and skills such as:

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • D3.js
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Databases
  • Git and Github
  • Javascript

4. Codecademy

Codecademy is an excellent platform for beginners to learn programming and coding skills. Over 45 million people have learned coding and programming through this platform. Their courses vary from basic programming to advanced languages.

Codecademy has free online interactive sessions in twelve different programming languages such as Python, Go, JavaScript. Java. SQL. C#, C++, Sass, Swift, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. The interactive approach allows you to apply the skills you’ve learned instantly. You need to complete tasks to move to the advanced level, creating more engagement and learning more. Also, they have more than 300 million hours of content. This is letting you grow from a beginner to a fully working programmer.

5. Geeks for Geeks (Reliable Software Resources)

Last but not least is Geeks for Geeks, one of the top places that provide free content to learn more about software development. Geeks for Geeks offers you millions of articles, live and online courses, thousands of tutorials, and numerous competitions and webinars by professionals. It also offers job and internship opportunities for software developers. This all will prove helpful for you to enhance your skills and experience.

Geeks for Geeks offers content for various topics in software development, unlike several platforms whose focus is just the programming languages. They also have up-to-date information about coding and programming. It also teaches students how to survive in the marketplace and covers non-technical aspects of software development. Also, you can learn Java, C, and other programming languages through this platform.

Conclusion: Reliable Software Resources

Software development is a widely advancing field in this era. Furthermore, numerous websites offer free online courses related to it. Five of them are listed above to help you.  You can learn coding, programming, and other software developing skills online without any cost. You can use these websites to become an expert-level developer and build your career in the software development field.

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