Remington Clipper Review - The HC4250 Shortcut Pro

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

remington clipper review

This little guy puts the power of a professional barber into your hands, allowing you to get a clean and stylish trim from the comfort of your own home. Its sleek and ergonomic design allows for easy operation with no strain on your hand or wrist.

Remington's unique CurveCut blade technology is said to be 57% wider than standard clippers, ensuring even coverage of all your hair for a smooth and precise cut. This wide-cutting surface also helps with blending two lengths of hair for a seamless transition. The comb attachments are easily removable for quick cleaning and maintenance.

One of the best features on this model is the profile feature, which saves your last four length settings so you can quickly switch between them with just a tap of the button. This is a fantastic feature for those who like to experiment with their hair style or want to be able to skip the hassle of having to change combs every time they do a new look.

The HC4250 Shortcut Pro's ergonomics are great for doing a self-cut, with the ability to hold it on the sides and place a thumb or fingers on either of the red or black grip areas (alternating works best). A nice feature is the way the clipper can be run under water to keep it clean. Its battery is also rechargeable which makes it more convenient, reducing the need for replacing batteries frequently. It also comes with a travel pouch, cleaning brush, spare blades and a bottle of oil.

David Sunnyside
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