Responsible Use of Technology Can Include Which of the Following?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Managing online life is much like managing your physical lifestyle – it’s important to keep in mind that the same rules apply. Responsible use of technology can include which of the following?

Access to school computers, printers, classroom technology and telephones is a privilege. You may lose this privilege if you violate the guidelines for use of these resources. The stipulations in this policy were developed to encourage student and employee productivity, maintain the integrity of the computer and network systems, preserve academic and business interests, protect confidential information and comply with applicable laws and Board policies.

All users must adhere to the guidelines for appropriate use of all technology resources and understand that their actions can affect the safety of others and/or the reputation of the District. Any violation of the guidelines will result in loss of use or, if necessary, disciplinary action.

Students and employees must agree to these stipulations in order to be allowed to use school technology (a signed acknowledgment of this policy in the student handbook will serve as agreement). Students must also understand that any personal device they bring on campus is subject to the same stipulations and that the district reserves the right to monitor devices remotely, at any time and without notice.

Account credentials – username/password, alias or other means of identification required to access a network system – are highly confidential and must be protected. Sharing passwords, allowing someone else to access an account or impersonating another person are examples of inappropriate conduct.

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