Revel Coilovers Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

RallySport Direct is proud to carry another quality high-performance suspension option, this time from Revel. The Revel Touring Sport Damper is a coilover designed to improve handling and driver feedback without sacrificing ride height adjustability. It features a large range of height adjustability, including some of the lowest settings possible. It also has a balance of dampening force and spring rates to provide a comfortable and reliable ride.

The Revel Touring Sport Coilovers are the perfect solution for those who want to get a great ride quality, but still want to have one of the best performance coilovers on the market. It uses a full length thread body with independent preload for maximum lowering. The monotube damper features larger piston valves and oil capacity to allow the system to respond faster in harsh conditions. It also utilizes a pillowball upper mount which provides better feedback for the driver compared to OEM rubber mounts, and radial bearings on kits with MacPherson type struts.

Tanabe's new Revel brand brings you a performance coilover at an affordable price point. Its incredible handling capabilities will transform how your vehicle handles, and it is paired with the highest quality components so that you can experience amazing driving while having a very comfortable ride quality. They are perfect for those who daily drive their car and want to get the most out of it without having a headache every time they go on a long road trip.

David Sunnyside
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