Review the Beyond

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Despite some eye popping visual effects it's difficult to get invested in this movie. The lack of a protagonist to root for as well as a story that's devoid of any sort of drama make it a hard sci-fi film to truly enjoy.

The infamous tarantula sequence is probably the highlight of this movie, but it's not enough to salvage a weak script. The acting is stiff and wooden, the dialogue is clunky, and any kind of narrative momentum is hard to come by.

If there's one thing that Hasraf Dulull is good at it is creating superior visual effects, and he certainly delivers in that regard with Beyond. Unfortunately, that's about the only skill he has in terms of professional filmmaking. He can't write, direct or edit to save his life - the script is appalling, any understanding of basic physics is missing (which is pretty much an essential ingredient in any sci-fi movie), and the direction is glacially slow.

The first two movies that Dulull wrote and directed - the documentary Where Is Nancy and the short Duke - were both outstanding, but he seems to have completely lost his touch with this flick. It's a pity because it's hard to imagine what he could have done with this story.

David Sunnyside
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