Ripped Rooster Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

A balanced diet and regular exercise are a great start to weight loss, but for extra results try a metabolism-boosting fat burner! Ripped Rooster from Hum Nutrition is a good choice that shoppers report helped them burn fat faster and gives them a boost of energy without the jitters. This product is currently available on Amazon and at the manufacturer’s website for $45 per bottle.

Ripped Rooster is made up of just three ingredients, all of which are safe and commonly used in fat burning supplements. It contains chromium, which is well-known for helping to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings, while green tea extract can help burn calories and speed up the metabolism.

7-Keto DHEA is another key ingredient that can increase metabolism and heat production (thermogenesis) to help you burn fat. The manufacturers claim that an 8-week study showed this supplement helps you lose three times more weight than a placebo.

The other key ingredient is l-carnitine, which can help you burn fat by transporting it to your muscles where it can be burned for energy. You can also find this substance in many other popular fat burners on the market, including the bestselling Comple Diet Drops.

The product is easy to use – you take one capsule twice daily with meals. The label recommends consulting a doctor before taking if you’re on medication or pregnant or breastfeeding. The company behind ripped rooster is a US-based supplement manufacturer that offers dozens of health products, such as antioxidant supplements. The company claims that they work with a team of RD nutritionists to develop their products.

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