Roborock E35 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

roborock e35 review

E35 Review

Roborock is a company known for making robot vacuums, and this model is an excellent example. It offers good suction power, is easy to use, and has a useful app for scheduling.

It also offers a water tank that comes in handy when you switch it to mop mode.

The robot vacuum and mop can clean floors up to 1600-2100 sq ft on a full battery charge, which is pretty impressive considering its price tag. It has a powerful suction that can pick up dust, pet hair, and an array of other debris from your home’s floors.

There are many great features on this robot, including five cleaning modes, a long battery runtime, and a useful app for scheduling. It also has a built-in mop that can mop your floor in addition to vacuuming it, and a high-efficiency E11 HEPA filter that is rated to capture up to 99.2% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

Its navigation software uses logic, not random bumping, to create fast, effective paths to get your home clean. This means it moves efficiently around your home without causing a mess and will avoid obstacles like furniture, tight corners, and stairs.

It also has a large network of sensors that can detect carpets, avoid getting stuck in hard to reach places, and boost suction if needed to get out deep dirt lodged in thicker carpets. When it encounters a barrier, it emits a voice alert and pushes a notification to your phone.

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