Rocket Review Marching Contest Finalists

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Congratulations to Keller HS and Claudia Taylor Johnson HS for making Finals at the Texas UIL 6A State Marching Contest! You're moving on to the BOA San Antonio Super Regional on November 5th!

The Charger Rocket Works student team fielded by the University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL competed against 51 university level teams from 20 states and Puerto Rico in the NASA Space Launch System, or SLS, Student Design Competition held this fall in San Antonio. The event was the culmination of an eight month commitment to design, build and test payloads or vehicle components that will support NASA's SLS mission to send crews to the Moon, Mars and beyond. This year, the team took first place in the Preliminary Design Review, second in the Critical Design Review and third in the Flight Readiness Review.

Performing in front of a crowd of 30-something to 40-somethings, many there to rekindle their punk salad days and stare at their smartphones – not because the co-ed sextet Snake Rattle Rattle Snake wasn't a quality act, but because it was an odd pairing – Rocket Review sank its teeth into a 90-minute-plus set that really did make you scream. Rheis, 44, still has a smidgen of the vibrant projection of his voice and seems to have lost none of the toughness or soul necessary to carry classic "emotional" sections of Rocket favorites like the "no no no please no!" bridge from the group's anthem, "On a Rope."

The Rocket Review set was largely Thomas' show and even if you don't roll with Pere Ubu's skewed rhythms, it's a kick to hear him sing his strangled yelps. And on the new Rockets songs, he sounds more pointed and pissed off than usual.

David Sunnyside
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