Rocket Wide Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

rocket wide review

A reworking of our best-selling model, this little rocket is the perfect board for surfers looking to rekindle their surfing stoke on days when conditions aren't stellar. It's the ideal small wave "Cadillac" for those who typically surf beachbreak style waves, cruisy style points and mellower walling surf (think waist to chest high).

Channel Islands' latest version of this popular rocket series now features a squash tail. This makes it more precise in terms of turning but maintains the user friendly nature that has made the rocket family so famous in head-high and under surf conditions.

The rocket wide feels like a natural electricity when you are riding it, and seems ready to take off at any moment. This is probably due to its Spine-Tek construction which gives it a serious proclivity for flight. As a result, even pedestrian sections become prime territory to try airs and the rocket wide handles them very well. The rocket wide also has a tendency to plane very easily, which makes landing airs a breeze when the wind is blowing. Dane and Noel have ridden this board with thrusters, quads and twin + trailer and it works great with all of these configurations. Advanced surfers will ride this board 2"-4" shorter than their height.

David Sunnyside
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