RocketBladez Irons Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

rocketbladez irons review

A golfer’s iron set is one of the most important clubs in their bag. They’re used more than any other club on the course, unless you’re a scratch player who drives to every green each time and can work the ball around the rough. Irons are what most amateur players use to get up and down, especially those playing on a local, non-resort, public course where length is important.

The RocketBladez irons are a game improvement set that’s designed to give even high handicappers more distance. The key is the Speed Pocket in the 3-7 irons, which promotes radically increased speed and distance by lowering the center of gravity and keeping the face in contact with the ball longer through impact. The Speed Pocket is paired with TaylorMade’s inverted cone shape design and an ultra-thin face to maximize the amount of face flex at impact.

These features, along with a low, rounded sole and a notch located near the base of the hosel, create an easy-to-use club that makes it easier to get the ball airborne. It also works well for beginners who tend to hit “slices,” shots that bend from left to right.

For the average weekend golfer, these irons are long and forgiving. The consistent length and shot pattern will help players make it closer to the flag on mis-hits and stop approaching shots short of the green if they’re not careful. The RocketBladez HL series are an excellent choice for the beginner who still has a slice but would like to be more consistent in their approach shots from rough lies and uphill approaches to small greens.

David Sunnyside
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